Colchester Escorts Love Sex Toys

I am totally addicted to sex toys, and I just love playing with them. A lot of people buy sex toys but I am not so sure that they use them properly. The other day when I was on a bit of a break at Colchester escorts, I came up with this crazy idea. It would be so cool to have a website where you could find sex tips on how to use sex toys. Of course, I know that you have to be careful these days on the Internet, and even us Colchester escorts have to pose carefully. But, you could use Hentai porn scenarios to demonstrate some of the fun things that you could do with sex toys.

Vibrators are mainly there to stimulate and turn women on, but men get a kick out of them as well. I love using vibrators for sex play with my boyfriend, and I have given my girlfriends at Colchester escorts lots of exciting tips. For instance, using a vibrator around a man’s genitalia is a real turn on, and my boyfriend just loves that. A couple of my friends at Colchester escorts have tried it as well, and they say that their boyfriend has got a real kick out of them.

Personally, I have a lot of different sex toys. My nipple clamps are important to me, and I know from my friends at Colchester escorts that they enjoy having their nipples stimulated as well. Men can get a kick out nipple clamps, and if you are really careful, you can use them to pinch other parts of the body as well. A few of the girls at Colchester escorts have been concerned about using nipple clamps. They think that they may cause bruising, but if you are careful, there is no way that they are going to do that.

My collection of sex toys also include ticklers. Most of the girls at London escorts do not get turned on by ticklers but I do. I think they are a great tool to use, and I even use them during massages at Colchester escorts. You don’t just have to tickle with them, you can also use them to stroke somebody along the length of the spine. It is actually very relaxing as it is such a nice light touch. It feels like a breeze blowing down your spine, and I love it when my boyfriend does it to me.

I am addicted tosex toys, aren’t I? Not all of the girls that I work with at Colchester escorts are as addicted, but I think that sex toys are great. Let’s be honest, life is all about play and having fun. The best places to buy sex toys are probably online today, but you should not underestimate your local sex shop. Many local sex shops have some great ideas. What I also like about local sex shops is that you can see the toys in the flesh. Do I use my local sex shop. Of course I do, and I think that you should as well.

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