Orgasms Can be Difficult

It is not always easy for women to have a good orgasm. Lots of women do find it hard to achieve orgasms, but there is plenty of things that can be done. When I was younger I was really not comfortable about talking about these things. Before I joined London escorts, I never used to talk about these things, but now I am happy talking about them. By no means do I think that London escorts are experts in female orgasm but we may be a bit happier to talk about.

One of the girls that I work with at London escorts says that women need to learn to talk about their sexual needs. I think that is really true. Most of my girlfriends outside of London escorts probably don’t talk about sex too much with their partners. I know that it is important to talk about this as many men that I date at London escorts do not appreciate the need for women to have a good time in bed as well. If you take some time to talk to your partner about sex, you may find that she really enjoys it – IN HER HEAD!

So, what do you need to do? First of all you need to appreciate that women have sexual fantasies. When I speak to my gents at London escorts, many of them are really surprised that women have rich sexual fantasy lives. They sort of look at me like I am mad but that is not true. I have come to realize that many men who we meet at London escorts don’t even consider this point. They think that things like porn movies only exist for their pleasure. That is not true at all and I am that their women would appreciate a bit of personal attention and the odd sexy movie thrown in.

Is your man responsible for your bad orgasms? I think that many men don’t focus on foreplay enough. Women do need foreplay and foreplay starts long before you get into the bedroom. The guys I meet up with London escorts think that foreplay is a glass of wine but that is not true at all. We need so much more than just a glass of wine. I keep wondering if any of my dates at London escorts really do not understand this, I am not sure that they do at all. It starts as soon as you come in through the door. Don’t tell your wife that you have had a bad day. Give her a smile and make her feel like she is the queen bee in your life.

Help each other and spend time talking to each others. This is probably the best way to increase the chances of your wife and girlfriend having a good orgasms. Enjoying sex and having a good orgasm is about having personal connections and we must never underestimate that at all. At the moment I think that many people do not take the time out to connect with their partners. That should not happen just once, it should happen all of the time. It is a bit like “sexing” your partner up and getting her excited and relaxed at the same time. Who said it was easy to be a man and a good lover at the same time?

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