What makes me sleep better

Getting to sleep, and staying asleep, is a huge problem for many people these days. Sure, you can take a sleeping tablet, and you can have a glass of red wine, but if you are serious about sleeping well, not only just sleeping, you should try having sex before you put your head on your … Read more What makes me sleep better

Better orgasms with big dick?

Do you have a better orgasm because your boyfriend has got a big dick? Some of the girls here at London escorts think that it is true that a guy with a big dick can give you a better orgasm. Others of my colleagues here at London escorts feel differently about things. Personally I think … Read more Better orgasms with big dick?

Comparing Orgasms In Men And Women

Answering who has a better orgasm – men or women – is extremely difficult since no one will ever be able to experience both. However, we can compare the types of orgasms that men and women have and then use it to determine which one is best. It’s true that men and women experience difference types of orgasms. For women, it can be much harder to reach an initial orgasm, but once they have them they are often able to have multiple orgasms in a single session, whereas for men, they are much abler to reach orgasm once, but after they have done so they often have to wait at least a few hours before they can do so again. Basically, when a man has an orgasm, it is usually the finish, but a woman can often keep going.

Of course, it is much about personal preference. Would you, as an adult, rather be able to reach orgasm whenever you want but only be able to do so every so often, or would you prefer it to be harder to reach the orgasm, but then easier to have more after that? From a men’s perspective, they can easily make their orgasm better by spending hours and hours building it up. In sex, you can engage in lengthy foreplay to make your cock more aroused, while when masturbating, you can regularly edge yourself but deny yourself an orgasm so that you can keep going for longer. Then, when you do finally pop, the sensations will be far more explosive and erotic than they would have been otherwise.

Let’s be clear about this though, women can also have amazing orgasms and it can be especially good if they can gradually build themselves up to reach an explosive climax. For a woman, having an orgasm takes a fair bit of preparation. They have to relax themselves, possibly use a toy, and sometimes play for several minutes before they begin to orgasm. Some women are also able to squirt when they orgasm which can be particularly erotic during sex and confirm to the man that he is doing a good job and that she is not faking it. Then, after plenty of practice, a woman is able to perfect the art of riding the orgasmic wave and bring themselves to another orgasm, and then another, soon after their first. Perhaps the best thing to say is that men and women’s orgasms are equally amazing.

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